The World's First 360 Degree° Smart-Display

Connects Your Home, Connects Your Family. We envision Septaer as something that can connect your family. Its 360° display allows it to be the centerpiece of family interaction and connection.  The 360° Camera will be ideal for video calls to easily include anyone and everyone from anywhere in the room.

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360° Display

Place Septaer anywhere. The wraparound screen is visible from any angle.

360° Camera

No need to crowd, the camera can cover everyone in the frame.

360° Sound

Enjoy audio that's clear from anywhere in the room with BMR full-range speakers.

Perfect For

360° Video Calls

Include everyone in the room or around your dining table in the video call. Friends and family will never miss a thing.


Sophisticated A.I. Chat with Multiple Personas

The A.I. chat in SMIRK was designed with natural conversation as a first priority. Most other A.I. chat platforms are task oriented first. This makes their conversation feel very utilitarian and unnatural. Our aim with Septaer is not just to accomplish a task but to engage and entertain.SMIRK’s chat is also based around personas. These are not simply audio modulations making the voice sound different. The types of responses can be different in each persona and each persona will evolve as you talk to Septaer. Eventually Septaer will have unique and personal responses to you and your family.

Room Ambience

Let your Septaer set-up mood and ambiance of your room

Custom Personalities

Choose multiple default personalities available for your Septaer or have option to upload your own


*Future dates subject to change


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Act soon to take advantage of the early bird prices.

A.I. of the people, by the people, for the people


Septaer was born from the frustration of trying to use the A.I. speakers available in the market today. It became obvious they were all trying to steer the conversation to either accomplish utility or market and sell you another product.

Septaer's available personalities will expand and grow based on the individual and collective user interactions. Each Septaer's responses can be customized by an individual user and have different AI interactions than every other Septaer. Our goal is that your Septaer is what you want it to be. Our open-to-users AI platform SMIRK will allow you to customize your responses, and upload and share your content.

Creators & Founders


Dr. Deepak Srivastava

Co-Founder, CEO

An award-winning former NASA  nano-technologist turned entrepreneur  with over 10 years of C-level experience in start-up companies in AI, robotics,  medical image-analytics, automotive Li-ion batteries, and nano-catalysis. Prior to that, published over 100 peer-reviewed technology papers and gave over 100 invited technology talks at major US and International Conferences while doing R&D at NASA.


Steve Favis

Co-Founder, CTO

Winner of major hack-a-thons at Intel and CES, is an AI software developer, game designer, and simulations technologies developer with research interests in robotics simulations, biomimicry, machine learning, hardware design and prototyping, and emerging additive/3D printing and robotics technologies.

In The News

"Design that is guaranteed to see people ask questions on where to get one."


"Breaks the Mold of the Talking AI Speaker Gold Rush"